The CD Arrived!!!

The Chinese symbol for Child

The Chinese symbol for Child

I think I was almost as excited to hear the news as when I got the call about Katie 🙂  What a huge struggle this has been to make it happen!   The last piece of the puzzle was being able to provide the cell phone number for the contact at the orphanage. I’m so grateful to our agency for being able to get that from their contact in China.      The second package with the disposable camera has still not arrived…it is being held up over 20Yuan (just over $3) in duty that the orphanage can’t pay.  We’re still hoping that our agency’s contact in China can get in touch with UPS and take care of it so it will still arrive before I do.    In the past month I have spent close to $300 and probably about 10 hours of phone time on couriers.   I hope by now little Katie has heard my voice and is enjoying the songs.  She is likely at the orphanage now until she is put in my arms on March 10th.  I don’t know if I will ever know for certain that she got to listen to it but I’m hoping I’ll be able to tell by her response when I sing to her.


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