Got the call!!!!!!!

After a very difficult stretch of days over the weekend and New Years (not to mention the past 6 years),  it FINALLY happened!!!  On Wednesday, January 2nd at 1:40pm Deborah from Open Arms to International Adoption (agency) called me with news!!   My daughter became a reality as my shaking hand wrote down the limited but very real information I was receiving.   Her name is Feng Shui Chen and she is from Jiangxi Province.  She was named after the orphanage where has been living called Fengcheng Social Welfare Institute.   She will be one year old on January 5th!!!   I couldn’t believe that I was finally getting the news.  I could see online that other waiting families had received calls over the weekend – we had to wait until after New Years when the couriers would start working again.  I was sure there must have been a problem but just before I called the agency to check in,  she called me.  What a way to start the New Year!  As Deborah said,  referrals are so infrequent these days, it is truly a miracle when it happens.  The relief I felt was overwhelming!!   This process I have been forced to trust for over 6 years finally came through and although it took an eternity, it went as predicted and planned.   Now I’m waiting to see her photo and read the translated documents about her history.  Hopefully we’ll get all of that by Sunday.   I spent the whole day crying and talking on the phone 🙂  Such a joy to be able to share the news!  I have been very private about this adoption and those closest to me in my life have been quietly waiting with me….their support has been incredible!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 19:42:41

    She’s beautiful! Saw your website of RQ. My daughter is 9 and from the same orphanage. We adopted her in Feb. 2005. All the babies were healthy and only one was unable to sit up on her own at the age of 15 months but she caught up within months to her motor development. Be sure to wrap her up as this area believes in keeping babies bundled. I took my daughter’s coat in a restaurant and was immediately asked by our guide to put it back on her. I’m in the process of converting our old website over to blogspot but I do have our travel guide on there if you would like to look. Don’t pack too much, there is a Walmart and lots of local grocery stores to purchase diapers & formula. Congrats!!


  2. Brenda
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 17:22:46

    We used Open Arms for our first adoption (would have used them again, but the wait was too long for us)…great agency!



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