Still waiting….

Happy New Year!   This weekend/New Years has been a test of patience.  The information on the website I follow said people were starting to get phone calls last Friday but i heard nothing all the way through Monday…I did hear about a couple of other people getting calls.  I have joined a Facebook group for anyone expecting a referral with an October Log In Date so was hearing first hand who has the same date as me and who got a call.  Since I didn’t get a call on Monday Dec 31st,  I knew I wouldn’t get one today, New Years Day.

It’s so hard to describe this kind of waiting.  As an actor, it reminds me of the feeling waiting for your agent to call and say you got the big part in the big show and you just keep hearing nothing except rumours that it hasn’t been decided but other people are getting offers and you have no idea what the delay is…but it’s not over yet!    Anxious, stressed, sometimes angry and despondent, sometimes excited…I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest person to hang around with this weekend but we all enjoyed some wonderful family time at the cottage!

So….fingers crossed that tomorrow is the day that it all becomes a reality!  

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