Holding my breath….

My first blog….my first entry…here goes…

I am holding my breath, waiting to hear the news I’ve been anticipating for almost 7 years.  April 5, 2006 was the first appointment with Barb, my social worker to put the wheels in motion and start the long process of a Home Study so I could adopt a baby from China.  Back then the wait time was approximately 10-12 months.  It’s now been 74 months since my file was officially “logged in” at the China Center for Adoption Affairs.  My Log In Date (LID) is October 11, 2006.     I have since re-done/updated all of the paperwork for my homestudy TWICE because so much time has gone by that many thing expire.  

There is nowhere to get any solid information about how fast files are being processed in China so, as the process has slowed down it has left waiting families in the dark, guessing, theorizing, predicting, etc and ultimately trying to keep the faith that their time will come.   Aside from an anonymous website/forum/chat room that connects waiting families from all over the world (which I have become very grateful for), there’s nothing much to go on.  We have relied on “rumours”…some reliable some not, to help with the guess work.

 Finally – I know it’s my turn.   There is a batch of files processed each month and last month was filled with anxiety as I knew they had reached October 2006 files and could very likely include the 11th in their batch but… it only reached the 10th.  SO – I know that this is my month and I know that the files are on their way right now!  With the weekend approaching and New Years coming up,  it’s so hard to know when I will FINALLY hear that there is a real flesh and blood baby waiting for me in China.  First, some basic info comes via a phone call from my agency then the file gets translated into English and the details and photos come shortly after.   Hoping for news before 2013!!

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